by Richard DESOMME

untitled red lanterns city seeking critique richard desomme

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Published: Tuesday 25th of October 2005 06:28:20 PM


Alon Eshel
I agree with Jim Callum . a superb shoot

Jeff Moody
Still laughing from the part in your biography that says your "ashamed" to show your work after seeing "ours" (I can only assume that you haven't seen much of "mine" :-) ! This is a GREAT shot, loaded with character and intrique. Nice work on a tricky lighting situation as well. Look forward to seeing more of your "shameful" work! :-) jeff

Jim Callum
We should all be so lucky to capture visions like this, congratulations,

Gunnar Diestel
Excellent - brilliant composition, I don't think it could be better. If this wasn't just a lucky shot, you really seem to know what you are doing compositionwise! I'm jealous . . . :-) Gunnar

Rina H
I also think that this photograph is perfect !

Afternoon pause Walking in the streets of the red lanterns city ( center China ) ... I had this vision :-) and I rushed to clic. thanks for your remarks ! richard

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