"'Round the Outside"

by Tsoi Wilson

round the outside seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 22nd of October 2005 06:04:44 PM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I like that you focused in just one one player. A couple of questions ... First of all, it's too bad that you lost the edge of his ball-carrying hand. :-( Secondly, did you not boost the saturation or contrast on purpose? It looks just a tad dull....

Ken Beilman
Another very nice image, Wils. What's that white object just above the heel of his right foot? Anyway, very good action shot packed with detail and very nice bokeh.

Sondra Kicklighter
Nice work, good dof. Did he make the touchdown? Cheers, Sondra

Wilson Tsoi
Lou Ann, Sondra, Ken, Appreciate your feedback. LOU ANN: I also wish that his right hand isn't touching the edge of frame, but that's just the way I captured it with a fixed focal length and wanting to keep the sports series as non-manipulated status, I just left it the way it is. I did slightly adjust saturation and contrast, but perhaps the reason it looks dull to you is the cloudy condition. Thanks for checking this out and commenting. ^_^ SONDRA: Thanks. He didn't make the touchdown, but carried 7 times for 42 yards in that game. KEN: The white stuff is debris flying off his shoes or ground. They probably had home coming festivities and not able to clean up all the confetti! Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"'Round the Outside," 'Round the Outside . . . Meadowdale running back Tonna Njoku (#26) runs around right side of his offensive line during a 4-A WesCo game against Mariner Marauders. Mavericks win 42-25. This is part of my "Friday Night Light" local high school football presentation.

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