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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 20th of October 2005 09:22:59 PM


David McCracken
Aesthetic I shouldn't complain about the shadows from the flash. The lovely young girl is very easy to look at. You are kind to let us see this.

Peter Meade
Hello John, it's been very interesting to see this girl develop as a model. From the first defiant pouting, through the rather cowed look in the bikini to these latest couple of shots where she looks a great deal more at ease. The rather interesting thing is, that she has the same top in the last two shots, just different colours. So you have highlighted a well known but little documented female trait. "I can't decide which I like best. I'll get both". Best wishes. Peter

Tiina Haasma
very nice work ! best regards ! 6/6

Shrikanta Raje Urs
Nice shot I think the background is not so interesting, It looks good if its shot in nature, like next to tree.

Alec Ee
Yes, much better without flash. I always go for the natural look John. She's young and confident and you captured her well. Lovely skin tones but I'd prefer including her hand or crop higher for aesthetics rationale.

John Peri
The second photo above is posted by someone else. I personally reduce the size of my presentations after they have been viewed, in order to reduce the chances of them being used for other purposes on the net, particularly in the case of the younger models.

Daniel Benoit
Nice work But whats up with the tiny photos? Can barely make out her expressions. I know this expression probably works best for her but I wonder what the result would be with a little cheerier look!

Ken Dibert
Fine shot, great glamor lighting with flash, but maybe it would improve by blending out the head shadow so it's just a dark area. Also, since it's unimportant, why not remove completely the wooden knobbed thing and its shadow? Just ideas....it's one of your better shots of this model though....

John Peri
Thanks Ken. Indeed, with a little patience, I think that it would be improved like that.

John Peri
Glamour We just took a few casual picutures before going swimming ...

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