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by Peri John

nn nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Fashion

Published: Thursday 20th of October 2005 06:28:55 PM


Pat Merz
In this picture, what strikes me as odd are the legs of the model. One in frontal and one in lateral view makes the leg on the left side look unnaturally thin in comparison, like it withered away. Everything above the legs is perfect though in this image.

John Peri
Thanks Pat, I think I was on a wide angle setting, and you will notice that the body further up also looks thinner at the back ... my mistake, I was too close.

David Vorland
The lines of her body are most lovely, John. Some may quibble that the space beyond the doorway is superfluous, but I for one cannot see how you could crop this picute without losing its powerful effect.

John Peri
I very rarely use props, but you are right in this case, I put the fan on the table to her right .... frankly, it was boiling hot and I did it as much to keep the model cool as to move her hair!

David Keatley
hope its not her last.

anna derksen
like it anna

cano trueba francisco
Excellent-excellent. :)

John Peri
Muse Her first attempt ..

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