Nfs 25

by Peri John

nfs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 16th of October 2005 05:00:32 PM


Umair Ghani
7/ 6 wonderful composition & brilliant tones. white adds beauty 2 the whole scene.

Tim Bingham
John, I really like this series, this one is also my favorite to date. IMO the location of the model in the frame is spot-on. Tim.

Al Li
This my favorite of the series... Beautiful

Peter Meade
Hello John, Another very nice photograph. Good work. Peter

W J Gibson
I am not sure that the flat lighting is your best aid in this image.

John Peri
It's possible that I misunderstood the question or formulated badly the response, but my premise is that I display what the generosity of my models allows me to. I do indeed post (or in fact photograph) only a strict minimum of frontal nudity. I have pointed out before that none of these ladies are professional models and I guess that one must compromise, and that begins with me as a photographer. That being said, I do not claim to be an artist, this is my weekend hobby. That does not stop me posting and enjoying the feedback such as yours. Again, thanks for your comments and frequent support. PS. I have never used any lights, reflectors etc., and wouldn't have the foggiest idea what to do with them - but it's never too late to learn!

John Peri
Maybe I could have handled it better. I darkened the edges to reduce distraction ..... thanks for the comment.

W J Gibson
a single light and a reflector would take seconds to set up....but that's just me, not you. I am afraid I dont understand your comment about showing small format and discreet in order to not prejudice the individual model. I thought you were making art. If it is just between you and the model, I dont understand why they are posted. Must be my thick skull not understanding.

W J Gibson
John, when I come look at your work, I sometimes try to project myself into the opportunity and think how I might approach making a similar photo. My initial thought is probably an obvious one....mainly very mysterious lighting, lots of single light source from behind, top, three quarters with a bit of reflection back into the shadows from a reflector card or proper reflector... maybe just north window light, maybe just a single lamp or candle. These are probably the obvious first takes that you started with and passed beyond long ago. Where I would begin with is the tension between the revelation you speak about in your profile page bio here on PN, between that revelation and the hidden. I'm sure you have gone past that. I wonder if you have many shots that are closer. A lot of your work here on PN is from a distance. I may be influenced by the tons of traditional BW nudes where the photographer moves in and turns an individual woman into a close-up geometrical textural study. I might start that way. Maybe then I would work back to more hidden and less revelation or just the beginning glimpse of revelation. anyway my musings for the morning.... as always it is a pleasure to see your work, please keep posting.

John Peri
Ha, that was fun to read, thank you! First of all, for the light sources ... don't you think that the young lady will disappear by the time you set all that up?! My premise has always been that to catch something more intimate, a movement, a look, a gesture, one must give the model some lassitude, i.e., both the time and the room to move about and be herself. Take this shot that you have critiqued for example. This wasn't planned at all. She sat down on the bed and waited for me to get my act together, what I had asked of her in fact being to lie down on the bed (later shots). Well, I took it, because she looked relaxed, apprehensive, in anticipation of what was to come next ... these are the pictures that I enjoy the most. Once the model is set up, as immediately above, I find it of lesser interest. Sure the photo is pleasant, but I wouldn't post it here for comment, it's just too predictable in my view. As for close ups etc., I try all kinds of things in a session obviously, both from near and afar, but I do ask for your understanding when I say that I only post here what can never cause the model any prejudice. I choose to show discreet pictures and in small format. I sympathize with those that cannot see them properly, but I do think that my loyalty is due primarily to these wonderful young ladies that put their trust in us. My new fixation by the way is an empty, preferably dark room, with a model somewhere in it. Someehow, it seems so much more close to real life ..

John Peri
View from the bedroom door ... Less than 20 % of the picture is occupied by the figure ...

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