Nfs 22

by Peri John

nfs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 15th of October 2005 05:38:48 PM


John Peri
Good or bad, I don't really know, but all the ones of this series will be like that Alain. Many thanks again for your support.

Ben S
simply elegant, elegantly simple, subdued, a whisper that draws you in immediately. i'd like to see more detail on the top of her head -- her black hair on my monitor, which is bright, seems the same texture as the couch on the left, to the point that it looks a little unnatural to me, and one of the photo's charm is its natural quality.

Bill Symmons
John This series is excellent. The model does become part of the overall picture and the series succeeds in producing a quiet peaceful presence. That said, the choice of model was also excellent, she does the job so well in every picture, I'm not sure you would have achieved the feeling with a different model. Well done for both of you. My compliments, Bill

Alain Lechat
Lovely And offset frame again... Beautifull b/w Congratulations

Ken Andrews
I like the formality of this composition.

David McCracken
Memory I can't remember all your photos John. However, from an artistic view point this has to be one of your best. The image simply works.

John Peri
Greg, that is an interesting comment and I agree that a female model will fill any void. However, I think that one can gravitate to the human figure but leave room for the eye to roam about. Take the surroundings away, and the photo becomes of lesser interest.

David Keatley
think this picture works well, good lighting and composition. you do not just focus on the model but the picture has a whole. nice work

Peter Meade
Hello John, what I like about your work with this model is that she remains demure throughout the series. Also that you are treating her as a person and with obvious respect. This is a nice composition, in which the model is only one element. The lighting is excellent, what was the set up? Very best wishes. Peter

John Peri
Thank you David and Peter. The set up is quite simple. Room lighting with curtains drawn and a little flash (attached to the camera) bounced off the wall behind me.

Greg Bulla
I like it. Maybe she's play hiding from someone? "The figure is not the prime focus of the photo, she becomes a part of the overall design ...." Nice try, but it'll never work - I read somewhere where you can line up dozens of photos on a wall of all sorts of subjects, and people will almost always gravitate right to the nude photos. human nature I guess... gb

John Peri
Blending This is a full frontal and thus the picture is small and cannot be easily reproduced. Please be understanding for the models that grace our pages and allow us to view them on the net. This picture is one of a series that I did in an empty room and bathroom, there are many more. The figure is not the prime focus of the photo, she becomes a part of the overall design ....

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