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by Peri John

mp nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 15th of October 2005 02:05:19 PM


Jeff Moody
No, but if this is what I can expect...then I'd better start!

Edward Horn
Looking for a contact lense, maybe?

Greg Bulla
"Looking for a contact lense, maybe?" Maybe she's looking for her pants? :) cool shot .. simplistic, touch of mystery, incred. model. gb

Fran Garcia
Excellent John

Alessandro Saccardo
very nice! i love your photo. Superb!!!

Eric Titran
Wow, glurps !!!! Very sensual, even the shoes have sensual curves.

Jim Hayes
And I thought this was an "Open Audition" for models at the Peri household. A classic John Peri, where he captures a natural facial expression. Peri girls always look good, coming or going. If anyone is distracted by the cropped foot, or the doorway, then I am totally confused as to what makes a good picture. I find it very easy to remain focused on the subject. Have a great day John.JH

David Cochran
The fauna around your household is very exotic..;-) Was she trying to escape you?...:-) As always, you are the master. peace

John Peri
Contact lens? who knows, I didn't ask! What I am looking for however is to make friends that share my passion, have imagination and a sense of humour, and there's lots of them on PN :-)

scot cross
John Peri I'm jellouse John, :) To live at your house and have so many beautiful ladies to photograph must be like a kid at a carnival. Then to walk outside and have all of NY there. What a treat. Always like viewing your photos.

Javier Diaz
Great idea, the door frame keeps my eyes in her.

John Peri
Doorway Has anyone ever sat in the doorway and watched strangers going by .....

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