"Do What I Do"

by Tsoi Wilson

do what i seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 14th of October 2005 12:10:23 AM


Ken Beilman
Very good execution of an image with a story. Well done, Wils.

C. G.
oh yea, this is one of my favorite photos on here now. :)

Linda Keagle
Perfect DOF here, Wilson. You've really honed your skill with these sports shots!

C. G.
Incredible photo. As a coach and former player, i can read intensity and integrity here. Well done. cg

Frank Melchior
Nice exposure and excellent complementary colors Wilson. Keep it up!

Zala Tunzi
Spell binding Now this is captivating and encouraging. Excellent. My penny's worth. I would have cropped to allow more space to the left for the line of sight of the main subject-see where they are looking, the line starts in the middle and runs bottom left... However, its my fav pic for the week!

Howard Dion
This is an ad slick for Gatorade,am I right?

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much for your comments, CHAD: Thanks for your kind feedback, especially from someone in the player and coaching position! ZALA: Thanks for your opinion and feedback. I was using a fixed 300mm so this is pretty much what I get, no more, no less. ^_^ HOWARD: Isn't it?! The water-girls dropped the 6-pack off right before the coach started to explain what to look for in next plays. LINDA: Thanks, Linda. Appreciate your comment! FRANK; Thankful of your feedback, Frank. KEN: Very glad you like it, Ken. LOU ANN: Strange, isn't it? Gatorade, are you interested? ^_^ Wilson

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
And now you're working for Gatoraide? ;-) If I didn't know any better, I'd say this one was posed! :-)

Wilson Tsoi
"Do What I Do," if you want Gatorades... Johnathan Fabian (#8) and other Mariner HS defensive players huddle around coach John Ondriezek for few tips during a timeout call in a game against Meadowdale. Mavericks beat Marauders 42-25. Part of "Friday Night Light" local high school football presentation.

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