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Published: Wednesday 12th of October 2005 09:29:47 PM


Vi P
Nice crop, and a beautiful model. This is one of those portraits I really like. I have to admit: I don't like explicit nudes, but this subtle female beauty totally shines through her, and that's what is important. Is it not.

Beautiful shot et lovely model

Ziggy Spiz
White wall in lower left corner is very distructing.

C. Daunis
Love the warmth of her pose and skin tone. Beautiful portrait.

Ziggy Spiz
I hope I didn't offend you by my comment! Portrait is absolutely gorgeous, but I think would look even better without that wall. See attachment. Regards, Ziggy

John Peri
Sure Vi, thank you, but admittedly I really do feel that there is nothing wrong with portraying nudity, if it is done with grace and particularly with respect for the model. There are non-explicit photos that are vulgar. On the other hand, there are nudes that are done with elegance. All my models are professional working girls or students, doctors, lawyers, economists, etc., They understand that the female body has been portrayed in art since the beginning of mankind and enjoy the process of demonstrating that it can be done with finesse. This model above who is a very refined young lady is a good example.

Milo G
Thoughts You and this model work well together and it is this synergy that creates an added level of artistic subtlety. Beautiful lighting and composition.

Alain Lechat
Excellent Wonderfull tones and lighting. I like the original off-center canevas, great idea. Lovely model

John Peri
Do you think so Ziggy. If it is removed or darkened, will not the hairline disappear?

David McCracken
Lovely portrait..... Not sure about the brown frame or the reason for it but this is a lovely portrait.

John Peri
That's definitely a nice crop too Ziggy. No offense whatsoever.

John Peri
I didn't take it at all badly Vi. I just seized the occasion to defend once again what I feel is pure, aesthetic and harmonious in photography. Nudity per se can be very innocent. It is we unfortunately that so often distort the reality of things.

Vi P
John, don't worry, I did not mean to say that I don't like nudity or that its wrong. Some works are breathtaking! Its just that I find it especially touching when a very subtle shot can evoke so much emotion about female beauty. Sorry, I am a bit rough lately, don't take me bad, I just am a bit rocky with my mood lately, and English all of a sudden becomes a foreign language again (i.e. I can't express myself without sounding wrong or harsh). It'll be better :)

John Peri
Evening portrait Photographed with soft lighting ...

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