Jaime Keller, Viena Oct. 2005

by Keller Alejandro

jaime keller viena oct seeking critique alejandro

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Published: Wednesday 12th of October 2005 07:16:03 AM


Vasilis Apostolopoulos
I like the image a lot, the tones, the mood, the guy...I would prefer I think a more vertical framing or a bit more wide angle perspective...

Milo G
Thoughts I think this shows the amazing tonal range available with medium format film and those Zeiss lenses. This is a cross between portraiture and the street photograpy epitomized by a generation of Leica shooters. One could split hairs over cropping but I think the whole mood of the image transcends this. Leave it as is. For me the total focus of the picture is the character and the three signs framing him. The rest, the wonderful grey to black tonal range of the walls and steps is the icing on the cake. Wonderful work.

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Alex I see what you mean but am not sure. I selected the framing according to his body and head more than to the background... Symetrie sometimes makes the pictures bohring. But I also wonder how it would have been here. I have a couple of pictures in color with a slightly different angle and framing. If I remember well, there should be a more vertical one there. Maybe I'll post it for comparison. Regards, Alejandro

Aakash Gupte
Nice angle

Alejandro Keller
Vasilis, Milo and Aakash, thank you all for your comments About the framing, my other (color) images are from exactly the same angle so I will not know how it would have looked "more vertical". I did the composition on the view finder and selected the angle according to the subject. You can see, for instance, that he is standing on with one foot on the frame of the picture (that is a part that I personally like a lot ;-))... anyway, the perspective of the building was just a consequence of this.

Milo: I share your view about the tonal range. I personally wonder how so many people try to compare the tonal range (and other aspects) of the digital cameras to this. I do appreciate the digital cameras but think that they still have a long way to go.

Alexandre Guerra
Interesting perspective. Maybe a more vertical framing would have worked out even better?... Alex

gianni ansaldi
What a lucky father!

Alejandro Keller
Gianni, Jim Thank you both for your comments. You are right, he is my father and also one of my favourite models.

Jim: I can still remember how I thought about including the top of the arch, and did not at the end. My reason was the camera that you can see above. From the esthetic point of view, I cannot understand why anybody would put a camera on the lovely fasade of a historical building. I thought that, including the whole arch, would make the camera more evident than it is now. And believe me, the camera looks worst in color.

You are also right about his hands. They have always been a key point of his apearance. Portraits of him really should include his hands... wait for more posts.

Alejandro Keller
Arthur good to know that you like some of my images. This one, in particular, is one of my all time favourites... I am not doing darkroom work for the moment, but am seriously considering to start again. Therefore, all the pictures that you see in my PF are scans (the newest with the Nikon Coolscan 9000ED). Thanks for your kind words that you left in some of my images. Alejandro PS The 50mm Distagon is my favourite lens ;)

Alejandro Keller
Yes, a cloudy day. But the Tri-X was rated 400... I used to be on the side of greyscale scans with the 9000ED. But the problem is that the nikon software, which I use, will then assign a gamma profiles to the images. My impression is that, unless you use a gamma of 1, you will lose a lot of details on the shadows without getting any improovement on the highlights. This particular image was scan as a BW negative in greyscale mode. But I dont do that anymore. My newer images are still scanned as BW negative but using an RGB profile. Some people claim that it is better to scan them as positive but I am not of the same opinion. BTW, I also use wet mount.

Alejandro Keller
Cafe Central, Vienna A casual portrait. Please write comments, critiques and complaints, or simply throw some poison arrows...

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