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by Peri John

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Published: Tuesday 11th of October 2005 05:29:17 PM


John Peri
David, a photographer always identifies with something personal in a picture that he took. It can be the moment, the pose, even what was said at that particular instant and the accompanying expression. Sometimes one can convey it to others, other times not. I think that Thierry above expresses it very well. It is the simplicty of the image in which so much yet so little is shown, both in mood and in form, that appeals to me. I discard many shots that I would not dream of showing. In this case, the charming model is not the issue, though very often it can be. Thank you for your comment.

Alan Willis
simplify I think this is a very good shot. I realize I am not a professional, but it does seem to me that I would like the photo better if the second sofa weren't there. Aside from that... great shot (6/6)

Milo G
Thoughts I like the charm and simplicity. Not just another glamor or cheesecake image, but one of a real woman in a casual and natural pose. I agree that the partial couch on the right could be cropped, but in doing so, part of her hand might be lost. I could live with it as is, and probably her as a matter of fact *smile*.

Greg Bulla
yeah yeah ... Tell her to quit smirking :)

David McCracken
Better to shoot than not to shoot... I go with the idea it is always better to shoot a photo than not to shoot it. I am not so sure about sharing all the results with others. That said, it is always nice to see a charming model.

Thierry M
Nice, I like the simplicity of this picture !

John Peri
Thanks Alan. It's the constraints of an hotel room unfortunately, but you are probably right.

John Peri
No misunderstanding at all David and no reason why anyone should like any particular photo either. Though a picture should obviously speak for itself, I am just trying to give some background from the artist's perspective .. I took several more that afternoon actually. I enjoy the bland background, colours, and the candid, casual poses of the model.

David McCracken
A little misunderstanding.... John, perhaps a little misunderstanding. Yes she is charming and I truly can understand why you like the picture. When I posted my earlier comment I was just trying to find a polite way of saying I didn't like it as a photograph. We post images here to gain feedback and insight as to how others see them. I will always be honest and I will TRY to be respectful. If I step out of line, I am sure you will let me know.

David Brooks
Hey John, something occurs the more I look. Mainly the perspective: Her feet are obviously closer to the camera than her body, the more I look the larger they seem in comparison to the rest of her! The same with her legs, it's very subtle though. It's a great shot, and stunning model, am I right in thinking you used a wideangle lens? perhaps I should even try distorting the image in photoshop to see what happens?!

John Peri
Yes David, it's my new NIKON D70. I notice that it does that when you are at the closest setting. I will just have to evade it in the future if possible, but the room was very small. Thanks for the comment. Indeed, the model is a gorgeous person to photograph. She participates fully and is as much responsible for the result as I am. Someone may get angry at me for saying this, but I find that the more intelligent a model is, the more able she is to project herself into what you are trying to accomplish.

John Peri
Nude on couch 11 Just simplifying form ..

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