Nfs 18

by Peri John

nfs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 10th of October 2005 07:41:41 PM


David McCracken
This reminds me..... This reminds me of something.

David Blair
My everyday life always contains scenes like this!!???! Great tones John. Little burnt in the corner, but doesn't look out of place. The smile and the pose look a bit contrived and take the "everydayness" away from it. Good work once again.

John Peri
How gracious of you, thank you. Indeed, I do understand that not everyone lives moments like this. Being so far away from their experience, I guess it's hard for them also to imagine that "someone else" does.

Pat Merz
I'd love to see a shot where the model is reclining on the table and you take the picture from underneath ....

Els Wetting
Scenes from everyday life ... ???????? I have to laugh out loud

John Peri
Nude at writing table Scenes from everyday life ...

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