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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 9th of October 2005 07:43:01 PM


John Peri
Alain, many thanks. Strangely, I hadn't noticed the triange! I shall definitely remove it.

John Peri
Yes body shapes have changed on average but, more so I think, our perception of what is beautiful. If you look at a Rubens beauty, though voluptious and undoubtedly very meritous, it is not what the average citizen dreams of today. By the way, I referred above to the model's pose and not to the settee !! Thank you David, you often find an interesting twist to the discussion.

Ben S
i can always tell its you (i'm going through rate recent) because of your superb tones. would be great if you had a chance to post somewhere how you achieve them so consistently.

mehmet asik
An absolutely natural! Congratulation.

Al Li

David McCracken
Now John John, Far be it from me to be critical of your photo. It is, as other have said, lovely. However, I don't think they had couches like this in the 19th century. Also, my reseach has shown, that the body shape of women has changed significantly since then. Stick to photography and don't try to give history lessons..... unless they are like this... then who cares.

Conte Oliver
very nice!

Alain Lechat
Very good Yes, I love it (her). Yes I like her body... she is very desirable. But, yes I love the color set you have picked here. Your lighting is excellent. I don't want you to think I am returning your comment on my last post, but the triangle of the floor on the left of the couch disturbs the harmony of the rest of the picture. Very appealing picture, John, (as usual). With my best regards and congratulations to your model.

David McCracken
Yes John Yes John, After posting my comment I realised that it was the pose you were reffering to. However, after all my effort to write the comment, I was a bit loathed to remove it. I am sure you have forgiven me.

Arthur Baas
-The green & model are matching perfectly-

John Peri
Ben, I'm flattered, thanks. Seriously, I have a flash fixed onto my camera .... I think the answer is simply to bounce it opposite to where you want your shadow and not to point it at the subject. The tones kind of even out ...

Brian Barker
I love the simplicity here. The figure is absolutely perfect and smooth against the "softness" of the couch. I am simply amazed at the artistic, flowing lines in her body that seem to echo in her hair. One of my favorites!

John Peri
Green couch Lannie said something about liking the green colour .... :) ..... I've been trying some poses of the 19th century ...

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