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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 9th of October 2005 09:59:01 AM


John Peri
Thanks Carlo.

Carlo Di Gregorio
7/7 Simply a great portrait, so tender... Regards.

Frederic Pascual
as CArlos said...

Vasilis Apostolopoulos
You have a way with people, you made the photo in a way that we are held by the eyes and the b and w is appropriate for this photo. I wonder if it would be better in a vertical format (took me some time :-). thanks, Vasilis

Vi P
What a beautiful portrait of a gorgeous young lady. John, well done!! Gee, I understand the girl. I have an exam on Friday myself!... fingers crossed... :)

John Peri
Thanks Kaur ....

Rob Kneeshaw
The expression that you captured really makes the image, which is complimented by the nice tonal range. Very well done!

Kaur Lass
Perfect shot She seems to trust you and you seem to know her strong points. She also feels at ease in front of your camera at it can be seen. Good and simple composition. I love the pose. The way she is. Just is. She is calm and gives you time to do what you do perfectly. I would hang it on my wall if I were her. On of the best bw portraits I have ever seen. So simple and effective. And so honest. It is the last I love. Honesty! John you seem to get great with the age like good wine!

John Peri
Thank you Carlo.

Igor Diamandi
Beautiful portrait!!!

Carlos Miguez Macho
It is unusual that a model looks at us with these eyes. It reflects well what you say in your commentary. It is a photo full of sensibility and of sweetness. Extremely expressive.

John Peri
Thank you Andrew, I appreciate your comment. In my opinion, too much emphasis is occasionally placed on the technical aspects of a portrait, whereas I think that it is largely related to capturing a part of the model's personality. In this case, the warmth, sensitivity and commitment of the model is apparent. Her beauty in this case is probably secondary.

Andrew Ng
This model is gorgeous, and I love her eyes in this picture, she's looking directly through the camera lens and through the viewer, very powerful. I love it!

Salvador Penaloza
Tenderness !

So beautiful and tender. I love her expression, best regards John. / / Salvador 

Marjolein M.

Lovely pensive expression on the girl in your photo. I like the partial inclusion of the BG with lamp beyond as well. (A pity that the photo is too small a format to really appreciate :-) Best regards, Marjolein

John Peri
Student Just a young student that is presently engrossed in her studies ...

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