"Through the Seam"

by Tsoi Wilson

through the seam seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 9th of October 2005 05:06:55 AM


Wilson Tsoi
Appreciate all the comments I can get! Boy, sports are tough sell in PN, so I especially appreciate all the feedback I get here! COLIN: Thanks for sensing that! HOWARD: Thanks for the suggestion, Howard. I did a few panning with baseball, but you should try shooting a high school football game yourself, say around 7pm. At that distance, the focal length, and angle of movement, it's a crapshoot trying to make certain players blurred and certain players sharp. Having said that, I'll do few pans next game if you promise to shoot a HS game. ^_^ FRANK: Thanks, Frank,. Glad you like it! BEN: Thanks, Ben. Indeed I have a bit more all around. I decided to just leave that bokeh alone as I want the series to be, "Unmanipulated." PETER: What a nice surprise, thanks for dropping in, Pete! Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Howard, Of course, an easier way would be to do it in PS . . .

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Beautiful Freezes the motion with perfect timing....!
Great work ...Wilson !

Wilson Tsoi
CHiPs, Lou Ann, Thank you both for your feedback!

Ken Beilman
Don't know how I missed commenting on this one. Another professionally rendered sports shot with very nice detail, bokeh, and great color.

Howard Dion
Good shot. Go with me on this. Try and get some motion blur while the centeral subject is in focus.

Colin Carron
I sense a plan coming together here.

Frank Melchior
I like this one the best of your latest shots, awesome focus, again you really get "in their face" with that 300mm. Great work!

Ben S
oh wilson, you make it look so easy and it is so hard! and hand held too . . . great clarity, composition, moment (so hard to get the eyes like this, for both the runner and the blocker behind him), colors, really a fine and very professional look. i'd consider cropping up a little and giving a touch more on top if you have it. there's a little unsightly bokeh left of the runner that i'd consider blurring too.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Yeah - I like that blur! That guy is the only one we're looking at anyway!! :-)

Wilson Tsoi
Running "through the seam" Meadowdale halfback Kevin Kim (#1) runs through a large hole excavated by his offensive line. Mavericks defeat Mariner Marauders 42-25 in a 4- A WesCo game.

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