"Right Here, Buddy"

by Tsoi Wilson

right here buddy seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 9th of October 2005 04:59:45 AM


Howard Dion
Great timing. Not sure about the hands on the left.

Colin Carron
I like the hands coming in from the left!

Wilson Tsoi
Appreciate your feedback, FRANK: Yes, the start was couple hour earlier than a typical game. Indeed your boys went there, I remember. The game was lots of fun to watch though. Mariner's Raymond Fry (#5) is by far the most explosive player in WesCo. COLIN: Glad you like them and thanks for your input. YANN: Very glad you think so. HOWARD: Thanks, Howard. The hands were there, indeed. I could have easily PS it out, but I'd like to keep all my sport shots as pure as possible (a.k.a. no manip.) ^_^ KEN: Very glad you like, Ken. Wilson ^_^

Ken Beilman
Great stop action and everything else. Another very good sports shot.

Frank Melchior
Looks like you had more light to work with this time Wilson, Meadowdale is the boys old HS, I'm sure they will like these shots. Well done again.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Good capture of THE moment. I like the negative space in the foreground and the shallow DOF.

Wilson Tsoi
Ball is "over here, buddy!" Meadowdale Mavericks tight end Jacob Clampitt (#85) holds on to the ball for a long pass completion during a WesCo 4A league game while Mariner Marauders defensive back Raymond Fry (#5) struggles to track the ball. Meadowdale beats Mariner 42-25.

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