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Published: Friday 7th of October 2005 10:46:40 AM


umashankar pandey
Dear John, I'm a fan already. I'm a humble beginner but, forgive me, I also don't feel easy with the space/details on the right. Yet, the model, mood, light and exposure: all are ravishing. Regards.

Esteve Boix
Interesting pose, I keep asking myself what is she looking at, and this adds value to an already very nice shot.
I even find that the plant and the window help the composition and the quiteness sensation that I think this transmits. The somehow yellowish cast has the same function, and this again adds.
Very nice as usual John.

Kaushik Chatterjee
Dear John, Here is every thing romantic in an exquisite mood. Just love it. 7/7

Alain Lechat
Sure / not sure Hi John, I am sure of her eyes! Sure also that this lighting is wonderfull. Sure also of the balance between romantic and erotic (if there is a difference...). Not so sure about the crop and the background. Lovely shot anyways! With my best regards. Alain

John Peri
Thanks John. I would be inclined to complain more about the plant than the space, and it could be removed I guess, but in either case I find that absolute symmetry does not always challenge the eye as much as a little distraction. That being said, I took several shots, some with and some without the other arm. The "look" was better in this one. Many thanks again.

Alec Ee

John Peri
Thanks Parvin ... but what about the photo !

John Peri
Fair enough. Thank you.

Luis Ocampo
The plant?!! I had hardly noticed it. I was mesmerized by her beauty. Mr. Peri how do you get such ashtonishing models to pose for you?

John Bullen
Hey John Not sure of the cropping on this one John. A little bit too much space on the right. But I bet you left that there to test us right?

parvin dabas
with a model as ravishing as this,i'm surprised people have actually noticed the plant in the background.

John Peri
Fair enough Vassili, thank you. In that case, I will change the one that I will give to the model as above ... and it is better by the way, you are right.

Vasilis Apostolopoulos
everything fine, the eyes, light etc. I prefer the space like that. It makes the image a little bit more real and tense. I do not like the plant.

Miles Morgan
You really know how to bring the very best out of your models. She looks so relaxed, so beautiful. It's as if one is not aware of the camera and is sitting there looking back at her. Easier said than done. Regards, Miles.

Damian Muszkiet
Only her right elbow shortage...Her look is very sensitive and wondering, nice model in really liked by me clothes. I almost adore it... (:

Jerry Matchett
Another crop Hi John, Although I look at your work frequently, I somehow missed this one until now. Let me offer what I think is a superior crop for your image. I feel that the tonality of her face requires it to be larger and the straps on her ankles and the cushion design to be distracting from the face. Regards, Jerry

John Peri
Well Jerry, that's a very intersting crop you propose there .. someohow has a much better flow of lines. Thank you very much. Wishing you a very happy new year, John

Ben James
I know this is now an old photo of yours but after contemplating it, I thought I had to comment... My girlfriend has asked me to take some portraits of her and I have in the recent past been very busy researching how best to do this and give her the best possible portrayal of her beauty which she deserves. Let me say off the bat that this image, especially in the crop that removes the plant has achieved that for this model. I can only hope that one day I can hope to achieve something 1/10th this good. The lighting is exquisite, the implied movement in her hair divine and the comfort of the pose is without peer in sooo many of the pictures of this genre that I have seen. On that subject, I will give my only criticism with regards to this picture (that is only my very uneducated opinion of course - and as such can be taken with a grain of salt). Whilst I understand that this young lady has shoulders to die for (an unfortunately underrated part of the human form) and you would want to capture the perfection of hers, I feel that the blouse off the shoulder actually detracts from the composition. Perhaps it is just the angle which in this shot is ~30deg to horizontal, I would like to see the same shot both with the blouse fully on and at 45deg just cutting a bit higher on the shoulder (whether that would require lowering the breastline or raising the sleeve, I'm not sure.) I've spent far too many words saying what I don't like about a picture that I love most out of so many on this site, so let me also say what I like most about it... The way you have captured her personality in this is, well, I'm speachless. Now obviously, I don't know the young lady in question but here I see minor elements of discomfort, inquisition and intelligence but the character trait that this image best captures is her cheekyness (should such a word exist) and I love it. My heartiest congratulations on showing all that in one image (or at least letting me imagine it) and as I said earlier, I hope to one day be able to do something nearly as good. Congrats, Ben

John Peri
How kind, thank you, and the best of luck with your forthcoming shoot. You are very perceptive .. this model does indeed have a remarkable personality and I too would like to feel that it comes out in this photo, mostly thanks to her.

John Peri
Last drink There is something romantic about the setting sun ...

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