"Café del Mare"

by Simon Janosch

caf del mare seeking critique simon janosch

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Published: Thursday 6th of October 2005 02:36:08 PM


Adolfo Valente
Nice shot. I like the use of DOF

Earl McLean
Unusual Posture The asymmetric posture looks interesting and well composed. It is not typical of a seated person. She looks awkward and a bit defensive. I would have liked to have seen her left hand grasp the end of that armrest to help express this more and to be in tune with her legs, perhaps even more muscular tension in her legs and arms. As it stands my mind is in limbo as to her true thoughts and possible intentions. Her expression also looks very calm and restrained. She is neither particularly edgy nor is she really emotionally uncomfortable. I would have also liked to have seen slightly more contrast in her right leg and foot and more burning of the mid tones. The fast film grainy effect and use of black and white contributes to mood and has given this picture a pleasing end result. I see this as a simple picture with potential that many of us could have taken on a limited budget and with limited resources but perhaps not have executed as well, hence my offering.

David Vatovec
Very sexy and well thought! Interesting how the right dark part counterbalances the white almost burned left part. Excellent!

Alejandro Keller
I was also thinking... not true, I was enjoying the picture. Beautiful BW. The pose works great, it makes her legs look beautiful... Maybe Timo is right about the dark area but, with such a good image (and cute model), it is just a minor point. Regards, Alejandro

Michael Raddatz
Very fine idea, well done. Trademark beautiful B&W tone range, and Janosch understanding of the body. Glasses are a nice composition compliment. IMO, this may scream in (soft) color.

Timo Hartikainen
I was thinking if I'd crop the dark area on the right..but maybe not...very nice.

James Kaye
Legs... Legs legs and more legs. Great pose to show them off.

Steve nicholson
I think I would have gotten rid of the right edge, but other than that I have to say " stunning work ". It was very dificult to find an image to pass comment on. They are all so good.

Bodyline Photos
7/7 What is she thinking? Well perhaps this is what this wonderful image is all about. The doorway creates a negative space that makes me wonder what she is looking at. The lines of perspective created by the model's legs lead the eye to her facial expression, going back to what is she thinking? Great work

Kaur Lass
One thought can make a huge distance...

Janosch Simon
"Café del Mare" please look the Large version regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

Dmitry Belyaev
like it!!!

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