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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 6th of October 2005 09:33:14 AM


John Peri
Yes of course Randall, but as I said further up to George, I give credit to the girls for helping in the compositions, they participate in an important way in the creative process. I do not at all refer to the model's attributes and admittedly get upset sometimes when people do, as that is not the issue. Again, many thanks for your comments.

Randall Paul
Again John you take something that others may overlook and or disregard as interesting and make it work. So interesting actually as it isn't a complicated set up. There is little in the way of photographic dynamics. No Fluff! And what is she doing in the hall way? Locked out of the room? lol. But that is what you do and what makes your work interesting to me. You take something so dead simple and make it a pleasure to view. Also John How do you get the models to do the work for you as you said it just happens when they come to dinner or whatever. I can't bring my self to say to a dinner guest ''Now before you get fed... I want you to strip naked get down on the floor so I can shoot you and if you do a good job you'll ger dessert! You kill me John... I love your work!!

George Becker
John you are one of the best photographers on PN yet you still explore wherever your ideas and models take you. Wonderful! Please never rest! Keep pushing your art. With great appreciation George

Maurizio Melozzi
..... very erotic,a excellent shot

John Peri
Well, you may consider starting out by feeding your guests ..... :-) .... thanks Randall, but once again, do give credit to the girls.

David McCracken
My mind..... John, Perhaps one of your more controversial shots if only created in my mind. I fully understand that you would not take anything as blatant as some of my shots but I can't help but thinking you want people to think you might with this one!

I am really not sure if you get my meaning.

I am not sure about the dark object near her right arm. As for the floor, I would have put more of a tilt on it or made it parallel with the edges. Strangely though, the reflection of the floor works well with the top of the frame.

John Peri
Thank you George. It very depends on the complicity and understanding of the models whom I try to involve in the process. None of my pictures are mine alone. they are born from an interaction with the models.

Randall Paul
needless to say John The girls are great. I tend to look at the photographs as a whole. Lots of beautiful women out there. Capturing them is a different story and more interesting to me then studying the flesh! Regards Randall

John Peri
Of course I do understand David but, as you say, it's all cerebral.

John Peri
So sorry everyone. I seem to have posted this twice. I only just noticed it now. Apologies.

John Peri
After Midnight ... A little unusual maybe ...

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