by Amelkovich Igor

ice queen nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 5th of October 2005 09:51:41 AM


J Edwards
Like the pirymid compositon. A little burn on either side down to cary that shape into the background would be nice. Why no face?

Artem Pereslavtsev
beautiful fire and ice situation. great work. great idea great model. my respect to you.

David McCracken
Cool Very cool! Sorry! I had to say that before someone else did! Lovely image as I am sure you know.

Satvinder Bhamra
Igor, its cool, nice pic but I wonder after going through this cool shock, will this model again, ever work with you?

Maria Latnik
Just great idea, model, the picture! Super!

Alessandro Travagli

Ramsey Kunkel
I agree "cool"... very nice

Massimo Santoni
Almost as great as "Ice Queen 1"! Excellent work!

Georg Suturin

Bor Èeh
good?better?the best! ...fascinating as usual... where can u go from here? 7/7

fred moore
great shot...cold

Zach Rosen
Ice is nice.

Igor Amelkovich
ICE QUEEN # 4 It is very cold too...

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