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by pandey umashankar

in the tree seeking critique pandey umashankar

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Published: Tuesday 4th of October 2005 06:22:13 PM


Sara Heinrichs
Adorable girls, nice framing with them both leaning into the frame. Patchy lighting will always be problematic, making hot spots on the front girl's face & shoulder. Overall yellow tone should be corrected, and it could be sharper overall. If that foreground leaf wasn't so large and covering part of her frame, I would love this composition even more. :)

umashankar pandey
Many thanks, Sara and Kristiina. I'll remember this.

Kristiina Peets
This is also a great shot, but you should have left out the leaves, which are covering the chin of the girl. The leaves take all the attention. If you want to have perfect shots, then you must take attention on every thing, even if they are little.

Nikki Stevens
wonderful photograph, even with the leaf in the way her expression is natural and still makes a great picture!

umashankar pandey
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