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by Peri John

nfs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 3rd of October 2005 07:31:38 AM


Spasojevic Ognjen
Regards from Serbia! Beautifull lady and fantastic shot!

Alejandro Keller
I could see that it was intentional even before your reply John. But, after your comment, I followed the thread of the last images and recognized that this is part of a series. Right?. Quoting you "I am fascinated by the idea of placing a human form arbitrarily in an empty room". Not that this fact changes the artistic value of the single images. But, at least to me, it makes them more interesting as a whole... In general, I do think that your pictures, not only this series, are better when looked like that: as a whole. Regards, Alejandro

John Peri
With all respect to the model, that was the idea Alejandro ... thank you.

David McCracken
Empty? Don't know if you noticed John but there is a naked girl sitting on what looks like a coffee table. (From an earlier comment you made, obviously you did.) Take her away and your empty room concept is fine! Just kidding John! I am sure you knew that. Lovely!

Martin Bobič
Excellent composition ! Only the expresion of her face surprises me. I would expect her to be more serious.

David Blair
A change from the norm. I like this a lot John. Simple with artistic merit.

mike riley
A remarkably photogenic person.

Aguiar Thierry
I like it :-)

Alejandro Keller
I wish I had such a lamp The composition is good, very aesthetic, the tones as well. It is a beautiful picture, my favourite of your three last ones. I just find it fun to see her sitting like that, as if she where a decorative object. Just as the lamp to the right. Regards, Alejandro

Detlef Klahm
just a prop in the room...but..wonderfully placed to draw attention!

J Edwards
I like the space you have created for her but not her expression. I might try profile. I see it as more of a stark space. I would burn down the top and the pillow.

Lucas C
HA! I finally found it! I've been digging for some time now to get to the B&W versions you spoke of, and here I am. This is definitely my favorite of the series. Personally I think the expression is perfect. Some people collect those little hummle statues for decoration and they are smiling. So if you want to collect beautiful models for decoration...I feel they too should have happy faces :0) Seriously, what gets me about this picture is still the contrast of harsh and cold lines with the smoothness and warmth of the model. Good job again.

John Peri
Glad you like it Lucas !

John Peri
Bedroom and design .. an empty room ...

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