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Published: Sunday 2nd of October 2005 04:25:07 PM


John Peri
No, but I came across a painting today in which the pose was very similar.

Landrum Kelly
John is from Paris, Jonathan. I love the green chair in the previous one. I was wondering about this one as well. --Lannie

John Jacobson
Very interesting perspective

Landrum Kelly
Is she dead, John, or is she just momentarily stunned? I am so used to your relaxed models that these last two postings have left me in shock. --Lannie

John Peri
Jonathan ..... but the pose is identical .... Jonathan thanks. Will visit one day.

John Peri
Mr Gibson's remark is interesting. However, does not something that teases the imagination incite more curiosity than the predictable (I even woke up Lannie!)? Two factors brought me to do this photo. First the nude in empty room, which is a theme that I find fascinating - I will do more - and secondly, the unconventional pose. Had she sat there on the sofa looking at us, I think it would possibly have been of lesser interest.

W J Gibson
must be me, just seems like a silly pose, putting the straw back in my mouth

Peter Meade
Hello John, is this based on Maillol's "the River"? Having never heard of him I googled him and found that sculpture looking like you pose. Regards. Peter

John Peri
Lannie Lannie !?? ... she's quite obviously asleep. How can you get more relaxed than that?!

W J Gibson
I am not sure that in the same vein as your profile page statement that mystery of the individual is well served by the pose. You know I have posted many other comments... almost all of them favourable, almost all of your work is very fine to my sensibility, as well as others, and certainly to your models. But in this case, as I said, it may just be me... but it may be the image. I look forward to more new work by you.

Jonathan Charles
She seems to be remarkably at ease in such an unusual pose. I think it would look good in colour as well (with the rich green sofa). Maillol's models were evidently not as slim and agile as yours! ... If you are visiting Europe you really should get to the area he grew up in south-west France, especially Collioure which is packed with exciting artists' galleries and studios (nearest airport Perpignan). Best wishes, Jonathan

John Peri
Sure, no problem at all, and I take both your remarks above as positive too, thank you. I very much appreciate the feedback that I get on PN and also you telling me when something looks off par. There is a need though to experiment a little sometimes and with all respect to the models, I am fascinated by the idea of placing a human form arbitrarily in an empty room. I will try it soon and see what it gives. I think that the figure should be proportionately smaller in the future ... I once saw some photos by Helmut Newton taken in a factory in which women were pinned to the wall. Fascinating, but placing women in a passive frame. Above, I find the model to be very attractive and thus maintaining her dominant empowering position.

John Peri
Nude alone in room I spent the afternoon today at the museum looking at Aristide Malliol's paintings and scultpures. I do not claim to follow any particular school, but we are all influenced by the collective experience that we have gained and I certainly do identify with his work of the 1920/1930's ...

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