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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 30th of September 2005 09:47:11 PM


Joe Marlowe
Whoa! John, it takes a minute to get past the stunning impact of this model before I realized the very nice photo you've taken. I like the way she's framed within the widow/shutter and the color matching of her shirt & the wall paint...and her skirt and the wood framing. Interesting contrast between the hard angles of the architecture and the curves of the model. Nice work.

Randall Paul
Beyond the Model John which you always have great choice! I like how you worked out the tonal details and balanced them out in this shot. Styling is excellent and I love her smile and easy presentation. Regards Randall

Pierfrancesco Caput
The best!7/7 Piero.

Carlos Manuel Aboitiz Rivera
Very nice shot, I like that red-brown tone all around the picture, the model looks great

John Peri
Thanks Randall. I don't really choose the models. They are friends that come along with friends etc., .. nearly always a chance meeting. I think the important thing is to seize the opportunity. Tonight I had dinner with friends again. Met a wonderful young lady who will pose for me .....

John Peri
Thank you Ghenghis, but this is not Playboy Magazine! I would prefer that you criticize the photo :-)

Genghis Khan
OMG;] 7/7 just for a model:) she's sweet.. [;

John Peri
Thanks Clint ... but you know the problems relative to the net ... I sometimes convince the girls to let me post their pictures (when they are not too sure about it) by explaining that they cannot be reproduced in any meaningful manner in such small format. I hope to have your understanding.

Alejandro Emilio Fernandez
7/7 Bella y delicada. Un cordial saludo.

John Peri
First attempt .. A young model that agreed to pose for me just recently ...

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