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by Peri John

nfs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 30th of September 2005 03:31:48 PM


thomas williams
Nice work with a beautiful model. I agree with others that cropping in from the right would make a good picture even better.

Martin Bobič
Great! This is what I would change to make it even better.

Howard Dion
Hi John: She has terrific balance, photographed by an expert. Stay well. Regards, Howard

John Peri
Thanks Michael. I could of course remove the wire, I'll try it. As for Photo Sig, there is indeed this very disagreable person that addresses herself to all the members in foul language (accompanied by horrible syntax and even worse spelling!). However, it's not just that. The management, and consequently the membership here also is so much more polite and curteous.

Michael Castellano
Hi John. Haven't been around much here recently, but got bounced out of Sig by their resident uber fuerher for asking a simple question. In any case, you never cease to find different and original approaches to nudes. I like the lighting and your exposure and focus are technically very good. Nice model, but the in between angle of the subject (not a full profile and not a head on) looks a bit odd to me for some reason. Might also work better with a closer crop with just the green marble and not the wire on the right side.

Vlad Tepes
Gia sou John ! Symfono kai ego me tous ypoloipous oti an eihes cropparei to dexi meros tis fotografias to apotelesma tha mporoyse na itan poly kalytero . Se oti afora to modelo pou xrisimopoieises , prosopika to theoro yperoxo kai poly , poly thiliko (feminine) . Parakoloytho taktika tin doyleia soy kai perimeno kai ales fotografies me to sygkekrimeno modelo . Gia hara !

John Peri
Thanks. I'll certainly try and frame it differently.

Sarah Marie Jones
7/6 Very nice shot John. I love the stone and hint of glass juxtaposed with skin. I like the anomaly that she isn't showering, and doesn't appear ready to shower. A dry nude, as it were, in the most natural of wet nude settings... Thanks for making me think.

John Peri
Thanks Vlad, but it's maybe better to write in English, or noone understands!

Alec Ee
7/7 SUperb lighting and composition Peri.

John Peri
Of course Vlad, I just meant that it is a pity not to let others enter into the discussion. Many thanks for your comment.

Light& Shadow
What wire? Great shot John. Maybe just a few water drops would be cool with this. Best regards, LandS

Vlad Tepes
Reply from Athens . I chose to write the critique in Greek because first I see your photo late at night and I was in a hurry to get in bed and second , as I say to you before , my English , as you see , are not very good . I'm sorry but I dont' ment to ofend somebody ! So , I like this photo too and I think , like the others fellows , that cropping the right side it will give you a much better result .The contrast between the stone in the bathroom and the colour of the skin is very good . I dont't think that I have to remind you that this girl is one of my favorites models that you are using ( in the good way of this word !) . I'm regularly watching your work and I hope that in the future I will see more photos with this beautiful girl .

John Peri
Nicely done Martin. Thank you.

John Peri
Mostly riends and the friends of friends that they introduce me to .. I also ask a young lady to pose for me when I meet her somewhere in a party, cafe or elsewhere.

fred moore
where do u get all the models...nice shot

Raymond Elstad
Simply Lovely in its simplicity... I've often wondered John, what kind of lighting 'kit' are you using?... Tell me all, an inquiring mind wants to know... Health, happines and prosperity for you and yours this year that comith... Cheers, r

John Peri
This is an hotel room Raymond, and I just used a flash attached to the camera as usual. Unfortunately you can see a part of the reflection on the wall . My very best to you. John

John Peri
Shower For critic ... background, pose, colouring ...

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