Nude #12

by Alives Johny

nude seeking critique alives johny

Gallery: Art Nudes

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 30th of September 2005 03:27:52 PM


Philip Turner
This image grates on our sensibilities very much. I almost thought the breast and torso were some sort of plastic or an artificial creation at the very least. Initially repulsed, this image is enhanced by the textural choices that contain the torso and help to frame it as well. This image is not one I would typify as successful in its perspective and rendering of beauty. Its success lies in the clash of sensibilities we are confronted with. Stopped me dead in my tracks from the thumbnail.

Johny Alives
thanks for the comment some of my own reflections on what I was trying to convey the outide rough industrial type fabric material is being ripped open - revealing a soft beautiful breast behind it - light is streaking thru old uninsulated boards on the other side indicating that this soft body is inside like a cocoon ready to be let out - beauty inside a rough exterior Johny

Johny Alives
Nude #12 this art work started out from a photo session on a private dock with a beautiful model and then turned into this artwork using mostly Photoshop CS - about a 3 hour digital dark room effort using over 12 different filters and vaious art brushes.

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