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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 29th of September 2005 11:18:57 PM


David McCracken
May I say....? Technically the photo is good. However I do feel the pose is a little unflattering. (Even although I know it is the model's choice of pose.) I don't suppose many will be looking at the door but I do feel the tone and texture is wonderful..... not to mention vertical.

John Peri
Thanks Dave and Paulo. To me, it's more the moment captured then the technical prowess. I was actually just preparing for the previous shot that I posted ... but does not the charm shine through? To everyone his cup, but for me that is what it is all about ...

John Peri
Thank you Eric. Yes, of course I do. The poor fellow passed away. He was very young. I liked his photos - sensitive and considerate, but always bringing out the femininity of the models. And you are right, he liked to capture odd moments like the one above.

John Peri
Eric, thank you very much. I enjoyed the link. Yes, that is what it is all about.

Paulo Pampolin
I missed a better production. Maybe this door at left could be more hidden

Eric Titran
Nice Very nice. It reminds me a BW picture of Jean-Francois JONVELLE. Do U know him ?

Eric Titran
Hi John I'm sure U know that picture but i give you the link : I do appreciate the tenderness he put in his pictures, as you do. Yes he passed away like Jean-Loup Sieff did too. I was sad because they were talentuous and french (maybe a pleonasm, lol)

John Peri
Charisma Just a glimpse in the doorway ...

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