Orange Flower 2

by Nicholson Amy

orange flower seeking critique nicholson amy

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Published: Thursday 29th of September 2005 07:30:28 PM


Ransford Pyle
I love this flower (cosmos?) because its orange is so pure. This image works particularly well because of the background, almost as if some natural firworks are going on, very supportive of the flower

Amy Nicholson
Thanks (belated) Ransford. I'm finally putting this up for critique, with altered levels.

Ivan Colman
Very good use of the background, that keeps the natural feeling in the photo. Maybe a bit more sharpness in the flower itself ?

Amy Nicholson
Ivan - thank you much for your comments - and yes, I agree with you on both issues (I love the background, and wish the flower itself was sharper).

Amy Nicholson
Orange Flower Thanks for looking.

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