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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 29th of September 2005 04:32:21 PM


tommy culbreth
dima oukhov... is my favorite for nudes and while i'm was out of line calling your picture gross and bad..a friend of mine had just gotten banned from this site for ????i don't really know what. someone took offense at one of his pictures(which i think was in good taste and creative, although a little over the edge)and he was dropped like a hot reasons given. so again i apologise for being an ass-hole (my words)and although i did not really like the one picture, as a whole your pictures are not only stimulating but extremely well done.. i especially like the digital enhancement stuff.. i have one at my page if you care to peek..

Al Li
I thing this is very nice. A woman's body is never gross and this is an unconventional pose, yet it is very pleasing. I like the out stretched arms and your natural lighting is always wonderful.

tommy culbreth
touchy touchy. critique me if i'm sorry...not.. if you cared to "investigate" my voting history further as it relates to would find that i have given some very high scores to a lot of well done and artistically designed shots. but and if i don't like them then i do not hesitate to score them as i see them. the same way its done to my prudish, humble and boreing butterflys etc. the lady in question above is not the question...the picture that looks like a thousand other pictures only not as well done is the subject..

Jim Trombley
John While I may not always agree with the content or context of some of the nudes posted here I have never found any of yours to be lacking in quality, good taste, or morality. The comment you rec'd above from Tommy shows a lack of understanding of what constitutes a good photo. I agree after seeing his comments on other photos posted here that there seems to be a pattern to those thoughts. Keep up your outstanding work and inspiring the rest of us no matter what form of photography we choose to follow.

Vi P
Amazing, John. What a shot. Very sexy! :)

Timo Hartikainen
Her pose is a little bit different when compared to your other photos...but it's nice..if this was mine, I think I would crop the door's edge.

John Peri
Fair enough Mr Culbreth, but I do think that it is important on a site like this to allow for freedom of expression and to show some tolerance towards others. One can also express one's opinion in artistic terms and evade personal demeaning attacks to the authors or the models on which they reflect in consequence. I have over 600 pictures posted here. I deplore vulgarity and I do not think that you will find anything disrespectful towards women in my work. If not, the models would put a stop to it well before you.

David McCracken
Blatant I have to say a bit blatant by you usual standards but at the end of the day a good image.

John Peri
A rather offensive remark by Mr Culberth below since removed : Well, I guess it's not the butterflies Culbreth is used to photographing ! Frankly, I don't photograph the kind that appear in his portfolio, but then I don't rate them either! This photo is a parody on the butterful that appears on the lady's buttocks. The pose was her idea. I am certain that she will find his remark more offensive than her image could ever be. .... If one is to maintain some artistic integrity, I guess one has to learn to ignore this kind of narrow minded moralist attitude. However, I notice that he has visited five other photos of nudes on PN since writing his remark to me, each accompanied by similar verbal abuse.

tommy culbreth
i digress and desist. your humble servant,tommy culbreth

John Peri
Forgotten! I'm off on a trip, but I'll be happy to brouse through your portfolio when I get back. Best wishes, John

Sarah Kane
sexy and daring, love the frame within the frame John;)

Angelo Plessas
Superb !

John Peri
Butterflies ... .

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