Missing Someone

by pandey umashankar

missing someone seeking critique pandey umashankar

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Published: Tuesday 27th of September 2005 04:53:56 PM


Javed Rassi
Good lighting and expression, you have captured her well.

LeRoy Pearce
Yes, very well done. You have captured the mood very well.

Paul Turton
I can almost feel her emptiness. You have captured in this image real depth of feeling. Colour, lighting and crop all contribute to an impressive image of a beautiful young girl. Well done!

Kristiina Peets
It is not important what camera you have, equpment or how beginner you are it is all in emotion, what the picture makes the viewer feel. You may have a camera from 1980 or something, but you can still take gorgeous pictures. Even if the picture is not so good in quality, but still the viewr can get the emotion, then it is a great shot. And defenitely this shot is great. You have brought out the emotion very well and the quality is also super. Even if you are a beginner, this is the best shot, what I have seen from a ''beginner''. :)

Satvinder Bhamra
Very pretty head shot.

umashankar pandey
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