by Simon Janosch

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Published: Thursday 22nd of September 2005 06:31:54 AM


Tim Holte
I like everything about this portrait except the subject's pupils, look artificial to me. Could be a ring light or over-sharpened, not quite sure.

Peter Meade
Hello Janosch, very powerful portrait with great lighting. I particularly like the way you have the ring flash around his pupils. Regards. Peter

Illat Jerome
Wouaouh !!!!! Once again, what an amazing image! But how do you do to get such a particular look (like in "license to kill", "portrait of Ina" or "portrait of Eileen"). Please, please, please, let me know.... 7/7. Regards. Lurs (an european neigbhour)

Omar Havana
i had never rated a pic of a man, i dont know why, but here is beauty, this pic is superb, thanks

Michael Mccullough
various comments Great portrait. You don't see a lot of really great male portraits on photo.net in my opinion. Also, I like that you don't process away the pores of your subjects skin in this image. You keep the skin real looking and still make your subject beautiful. Love the shine on the skin and the slight tilt down of the head if it is tilted down. Michael

ssssssssssss BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

Taz Rahman

I love the technique here.

Janosch Simon
"Radu" regads Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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