Modest Nudity

by Ellington Buzz

modest nudity seeking critique ellington buzz

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Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 20th of September 2005 07:22:54 PM


Don Moore
I like that something is left ot the imaganation!

Enrique Torices
Excellent shot!

David McCracken
Yes Definitely credible. I am a person who often tilts the camera in a similar way to this and it is good to see someone else does the same. I often get slated fo the fact that there is 'not a lot going on' in some of my photos and that could be argued here. Having said that the model is rather striking and I feel you will be rewarded (in the ratings system)more for the model than your photography skills. (I hope that doesn't come out the wrong way!) I will try to be objective here. It is good and definitely credible!

adriano semez
Good shot and nice model

Nathan Lockard
awesome shot - beautiful model

Wim Ipenburg
For me, the photo is ok, but the model is great! Take your time for making more........... You have all the ingredients for making "TOP" photo's.

Spider Seventy one
i see where shooting this at an angle adds anything to the photo.

Marian Vejcik
7/7 Very nice woman and beautifull shot,congratulation

Jeff Henry
OMG what a beauty ! :-)

Buzz Ellington
Pudic Nudity Is this credible ?

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