Naked Nature

by Grenside Paula

naked nature canon eos digital rebel xt d grenside paula

Gallery: Reality to the Mind

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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : ACD Systems Digital Imaging

Published: Sunday 18th of September 2005 12:07:22 PM


Fabio Ficola
Nice post proc work I think the version windowed is the best. good idea and realization. Congrats. Fabio

Jay Patel
The first one definately. Because their dark bodys are well balanced against the bright outside (as a person would see standing behind them). The windows also give a sense of depth. Excellent execution.

Adolfo Valente
Hi Paula. Lovely atmosphere in this original shot! I like it. Well done!

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Agree w/ every1 The window version makes it, I like very much the left illuminated side in contrast with the dynamic water, very nice artwork Paula, regards

Pulok Pattanayak
Definitely 1st version wins. Excellent work.

Lionel Dupre
Wow. This is a piece (peace ?) for mind. An impossible picture, the description of true, naked love ? Or real human nature ? That is not for me to answer, but I appreciate a lot.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
I'm with the majority .... Beautiful atmosphere created. Good work ....!

Alessandro Rocchi
Preferisco questa con la finestra che contestualizza l'immagine. Ottimo lavoro ..creativo come al solito. Ciaoo

Colin Carron
Another vote for the inside version. The composite works well.

Paula Grenside
My models accepted to pose in fron of the window, but asked me for a watery background. Very easy as I have recently shot some 200 shots of the spillway. Then, I cloned out the window and left naked them and nature. Which one?

Martino Balestreri
bellissima! mi piace molto, tua creativita si vede! Questa immagine mi ha catturato...quasi come se fossi veramente alla finestra! non sono sparito... Brava!

Andrea Endisch
I'd vote for the window-version, too. The light and skin-colours look more like 'inside' and you did such a nice work with the reflections...

Manuel Balea
Image loaded with sensuality. Very beautiful

Pnina Evental
Paula, with the window scene wins... a better composion, and nice background . I like the line of light on the silhouettes. Pnina

Paula Grenside
Amar, Andrea, Colin, Fabio Thanks lots. I, too, am more for the windowed version, gives more the sense of the inside outside, and they wee at the window when I shot.

Paula Grenside
Manuel, thank you. Have not shown it to the models yet.Hope they'll like it. Pnina, with window it will be:-) Thank youso much. Martino, hey, dove ti eri nascosto? Felice di vederti qui e grazie infinite per i tuoi commenti sempre apprezzati.

Cherlyn .
Definitely vote the window version too. The seem contented looking out at the beautiful silky falls.

Amar Khoday
Paula, I definitely like the version with the windows better- partially because they are more silhouetted here than in the second version. The darkness adds a sense of quiet solitude for the couple as they enjoy the scene before them.

Paula Grenside
Cherlyn, A.K., Jay ( see? I listen to you;-), Ferrando, Chips, Adolfo
Thanks lots. It seems my frist choice was the right one; keeping the window frame does give the picture a different balance and depth. Thanks again. Grateful.

Paula Grenside
Buona mattina, Alex. Grazie per il commento. Sembra proprio che la finestra faccia la differenza.

A.K. Sircar
Very good composition & creation. The window makes the figures look more beautiful. I vote with the majority.

alexandra rauh
Paula,beautiful how the fascination shows, what the couple has towards the water.The water has light and souns. Good picture.

Alec Ee
Nicely done Paula.

Paula Grenside
Pulok, always welcome your comments. Thanks. Alix, glad you liked; thank you so much. Lionel, where you been? It's true, true...they say.:-) Thanks lots.

Paula Grenside
Alec, thanks. Spencer, I adore waterfall, would place one inside my room if I could. Was so glad whrn the models asked for a water background. Thank you lots.

Lee Jianmin
Window version i prefer, How i wish i can have a waterfall in front of my window and love to hear the sound of the waterfall too.

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