"the Beach"

by Simon Janosch

the beach seeking critique simon janosch

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 16th of September 2005 06:39:30 AM


Daniel Wertz
I like everything about this photo except the angle does not work for me. I love the foreground detail and skin tones.

Mareks Mareks
Well done !!!

Dave Deacon
The shot is very nice but would have been much better had she been nude.

Chris Vella
good job. I love the angle actually! but yet again i am a sucked for diagonals :) what i like in this is the motion. For me the diagonal is a strong vector leading from bottom left to top right, in contrast the girl is looking in opposition. Even another vector is the effect of wind on her hair, this all creates an elegant tention, which i beleive compliments this sort of shot of a model. It goes with the stop motion of the splashing water, and the look of indifference is another factor which i think blends in well witht he whole picture. I can't think about anything to complain about (lighting is good too) exept maybe the frame dimentions, i wonder how it would look if it was framed wider.

Thomas Turk
Daft, unnatural angle. Overexposed body parts. To get some drama in this pix. one stop less. Could have been a lower camera angle so that the black whatsit in the background doesnt cut off her head, and get a silhoutte. Back/side lighting would have been more interesting. Tele with f4 would have dissapeared most of the 'rough' distracting background. However...close-up water motion is well captured. .

excellent work! congrats.

Allen Klosowski
The colors are great, the DOF is perfect, and I love the pose. You have a wonderful portfolio.

Matt Bullock
The stray hairs on her face bother me. Other than that it's beautiful.

hilmi m
7/7 Hi dear Simon, excellent comp., tone, cong.

David Rossi
Great posture! however the angle that was taken may be challenging to your viewer.

Gitte Juul Jensen
Hey . Great photo, especially the soft brown colors. The angle can be disquessed but refreshing. Gitte o)

Jay Weston
WOW!!! This is one of your best! I love everything about this shot, the angle, posing, composition, DoF, colour... even the sharpness and detail in the water is perfectly composed! Kudos!!

Kenneth Fugate
7/7 Very nice!

Lisiza Fox
hi Ken u know we have the same taste I get this photo a long time ago Great I like it !

Dexter Dee Dee
8/8. Very nice, but she looks sad to me. Very nice girl with your skill makes the real nice photo. DDD

Janosch Simon
"the Beach" Please look at the large Vesion! regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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