"Turns Two"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Thursday 15th of September 2005 09:36:21 PM


Jim Hayes
6-4-3 I have always said that baseball is a team sport, until the ball is hit to YOU. Or in this case thrown. This really shows how far a runner goes to try to break-up a double play. As always you set the benchmark for those that would shoot our national pasttime. Well done. JH

Antonella Partigliani
7 7

Ben S
this is first rate. good use of telephoto, got the right moment, colors and sharpness and contrast are all quite good.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Great moment, frozen in time!! Well captured, Wilson! :-) (and it's my favorite of these three...)

Ken Beilman
Really nice action shot. Very nice shadow and highlight detail and frozen motion. Well done.

Pnina Evental
Nice to see you posting again Wilson, my favorite.The feeling of the play tension is very present. I like the ball on the tip of his hand... Pnina

John Seward
Simply the best.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Beautiful capture!

J.C. Mellen
Great action. Just about as good as baseball photo's get. Well done - 7/7

Jon Thornton
This is a really strong action shot. It would seem that the D2X is a consumate sports photography tool and that you have made a seemless transition from static to fast moving subjects.

Howard Dion
This one captures the intensity of the moment...big time.

Colin Carron
Amazing stop of the action letting us examine a split second at our leisure. A standard setter.

Frank Melchior
Again those colors "pop"! Great capture dude!

Wilson Tsoi
Appreciate all your feedback, HOWARD: Glad this works for you. ALESSIA: Grazi! JOHN: Thanks. It's one tough catch. BEN: Appreciate it, Ben. JIM: Thanks, Jim. You got that right! 6-4-3 to end the inning! It is indeed amazing the degree a runner will go to try to break up a double play. I knew about it before, but not to this extent. JON: Thanks, Jon. Very glad you dropped in! LOU ANN: Glad you like this. KEN: Thanks for your feedback as always. JAYME: Appreciate it. FRANK: Thanks, dude! J.C.: I value feedback from fellow sport shooter! PNINA: Indeed it's been a while. Glad you like it. PETER: Well, it didn't make it to any paper, but got his camo jersey, the very one that he was wearing, and a signed 8x10". COLIN: Thanks. Indeed it's a frozen moment in time. That's what we like about photography, isn't it? Wilson ^_^

arunrung sompong

Wilson Tsoi
"Turns Two," Completing a Double Play. AquaSox shortstop Robbie Hudson (#30) turns two while Bears Ramon Downing (#33)tries to break up the double play at top of 7th inning. AquaSox won 6- 5.

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