by Simon Janosch

untouchable seeking critique simon janosch

Gallery: Fine Art

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 13th of September 2005 04:20:35 PM


Massimo Santoni
7/7 Excellent Image! Well done!

JF Ochoa
Beautiful skin tones and great detail. Simply beautiful!

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
Another masterpiece!

Mark Levesque
a fine piece of work She's stunning, Janosch.

Tiina Haasma
your work is allways great and positive inspiration for me ! thank you ! my best regards ! 7/7

Al Li
;-) good light and detail. I think a 90 degrees counter clock wise rotation will view more true. I keep want to tilt my head looking at this.

Peter Gargiulo
Absolutely Beautiful photo! My only suggestion, is to rotate counterclockwise. I think it's balanced better that way. This way, her head seems to float, as opposed to resting on something.

Francesco Ces
Wonderful tone of skin, gorgeous model, well thought pose and cool crop! Une "nitty" what is on her forehead? Was she frowning, or what is it? FrancescoM 7/7

Andrey Antov

Miles Morgan
Good contrast with excellent tones. You've got the lighting just right and the pose of the beautiful, well groomed model with the diagonal composition is most effective. A beautiful photo. Cheers, Miles.

John Webster - Modesto, CA
I am swept into the serenity of this image--an amazing presentation of feminine curves in a composition that gently rocks me back and forth. The horizontal aspect is perfect for this image (the effect would be lost in a vertical). Great technique and artistry.

Ed Harris
Great Image

Bob Kurt
Fantastic photo!

Chris Boglio
good pose and camera angle

Skip Kurland
Whenever an image is rotated like this, it can be unsettling, but I think that the mood of the model, with her closed eyes, and the serenity of her fingers balances the image. I agree, though that the crop may be too tight on the right side. I also would get rid of the ring. It adds a realistic feeling to a photo that is really ethereal. That said, I really do like the pic.

Vipul B
Nice but.... I think there's a little too much contrast in this one for me. Some of the details in the face and hair are lost. Otherwise very nice.

Janosch Simon
"Untouchable" Please look at the large version! regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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