Pizza Peppers, Parmesan and Passerby**+

by Crosley John

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Published: Monday 12th of September 2005 08:26:26 AM


John Crosley
Disheartened I'm disheartened by the 'rate recent' raters. I am proud of this photograph. I will continue to be proud of it; I like it and will continue to like it, regardless of ratings, high or low. I am immune to low ratings and post for myself, whether or not photos get high or low ratings, as I've often posted. I'm interested if any low raters can explain their low or mediocre ratings, as much thought and energy went into the composition and execution of this photograph. If it's 'below average', as some have rated it, then why? A bare rating for this photo, doesn't tell me anything at all, except as a popularity contest, but what about technique, composition. If it's poorly executed, how and why? How would you improve it? Is it just a bad idea, in your opinion, low raters? John

John Crosley
Pizza Peppers, Parmesan, and Passerby 'Pizza Peppers, Parmesan, and Passerby' is a both a 'still life' and a 'street' composition. Your ratings and critiques are invited and most welcome. (If you rate harshly or very critically, please submit a helpful and constructive comment/Please share your superior knowledge to help improve my photography.) Thanks! Enjoy! John

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