Growing Old Independently

by Ee Alec

growing old independently seeking critique ee alec

Gallery: Indonesia - Medan, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Bali, Lombok, Padang, Manado, and Palembang

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Portrait

Published: Monday 12th of September 2005 04:03:15 AM


Sally Delacruz
Yes, you are right.Some of us do..., grow gracefully...

A.K. Sircar
Excellent portrait,Alec. Beautiful colours,composition, and capture of mood. Apt caption too.

Len Marriott
Soft lighting a friend ! Alec, Her independence is reflected in her face. She may be old but she's a poster child for the quality of the Sigma lens you used. Beautiful colours enhanced by the soft lighting. Another trophy for your portfolio. Best, LM.

Alec Ee
Thanks Amar. In Java I see many old folks on the street trying to eke out a living for themselves. Seems quite unusual as here in Singapore and Malaysia most old folks are supported by the family nucleus or sent to old folks home if they have no relatives. Here they are fiercely independent and very proud of it.

Alec Ee
Sally, Len thanks for your kind comments. I've fallen in love with the Bigma and will probably use it as my walkabout lens, notwithstanding the heavier weight. ^_^ Guess one has to endure to make up for the quality.

Alec Ee
A very charming old lady A street portrait

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