Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


John H.
"this pic was taken tongue in cheek" No pun intended?

Maria De Matteo
I've shared this photo because I tought it was cute, I don't treat women like goods for exhibition because first of all I'm a woman too, so it would be very stupid... this pic was taken tongue in cheek, these women are almost in the same position, with a same bikini, and both have a perfect and photogenic body, so, where is the wickedness? Additionally, they are two friends of mine and they know that this pic is on this site, like everyone else I've on my portfolio. Anyway, I apologize to anyone who think this photo could be obscene, for me it was only a joke. Maria.

marko moudrak
Nicw shot because of symetry etc. I also thought of Rio when I saw it.

Michael Chang
.... :-)

Scott NYC
Thank you!

Maria De Matteo
I'm not English, but I think I speak english well enough. Sometimes I use the vocabulary to trying for other expressions, and one of them was "tongue in cheek" for "funny, playful, for a joke". No pun intended.

Trystan Turvey
Beaches of Rio wow lots of drama going on in here! lol Anyways, what i thought was interesting about this picture is that it made me instantly think about Rio de Janeiro. I dont attually know if this picture was took there but i feel pretty confindent that it was took in Brasil. on closer inspection of you other photos after seeing this one i did see some portuguese stone sidewalks which leads me to believe that i am right? with that said, i give the piture a 7 for reminding me of my times on the beaches of Rio!

Daren Holland
A7 - O6 Great image all round ;-)

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