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orientalism nikon mm fd d geneva seeking cri yuan liu

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Published: Friday 9th of September 2005 08:44:22 AM


Dan Roman
Didn't know about such perfection... Very well done.

Peter Bajzek
A beautiful portrait. I am afraid there's not much more I can say. Very nice.

Pnina Evental
Yuan, I have wrote you and asked you a question in my folder, please read it if you can and answer me. Thanks Pnina

Richard Hans
EXCELLENT!!! Yuan, love the lighting, color tone & composition, outstanding piece!!! Best regards.

Adolfo Valente

Longtang Lin
this is a wonderful photo with even high rating.. how come it only get 11 rating ??? and bury here ?? I expect rating to be at least 30,000... something wrong with the rating system ??? Longtang John Lin

Pnina Evental
Nice portrait, good light, but her skin tones are a bit too yellow, otherwise a nice image. Pnina

LIU Yuan

Hi Longtang, thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comments. "Oriental mystery" is exactly the message/feel I wanted to impart to the viewers and I even wanted to use it as the title. I'm pleased that message got across to you. I wasn't too sure about the level of sharpening, so with your feedback I think I'll soften the face a little bit. I keep making changes to the photos I've uploaded ☺

The rating system is not bothering me at all. I'll be glad to remain insular here as long as there are a few people looking at my images.

Liu Yuan (刘元)

Longtang Lin
wow.... this is wonderful oroental shot at its best.. especially form the eye of Asian.. Mystery.. slightly over-sharp on teh face,, but it is still a good photo (beatuful color management too) Longtang John Lin

Massimo Santoni
7/7 Excellent portrait! lovely image!

Ozcar Fredriksson
Fantastic portrait. Light, tone of colour etc. Just excellent

Michael Wilson
Keep up the good work you have the gift. This photo is perfect lighting and the mood.

Rick Langer
7/7 What an amazing image! I saw an earlier version of this image....but this is absolutely stunning. The coloring of the image, use of shadows, downturned eyes, and beautiful hands. You have perfected the lighting so that my eyes are drawn immediately to her face. This is one of my favorites. Rick

LIU Yuan
Hi Kenvin, thanks for your visit. Having a comment from someone I look up to really makes my day. Best gift for the holidays :o) Wish you all the very best in the coming new year.

Dushan B. Hadnadjev
Great tones and lighting! Beautiful image.... d.

Midhun Kumar Allu
Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful portrait. Nice lighting and effect. Love the way you have handled it.

Kenvin Pinardy
beutiful tone....excelent work !!!

Vi P
Exquisite beauty. And... beautifully simple. Yuan, I am glad we both like simplicity :)

rod innes
A very nice sensitive portrait beautiful lighting. Regards Rod

Kristina Förd
WoW Outstanding!!! Beautiful lady... perfect Photo! Cheers Christina

Mario Januario
Great shot ! Well done ! Regards,

barry cawston
love this image......and particularly the colour and the impression of thoughtfulness cheers Barry

Martin Trygve
I really like this one. Very artistic and the atmosphere is stunnng. Very dramatic..

Mike Ferris - Omaha, NE
Favorite I have to say, this is probably my favorite photo on PN. I love it. 7/7

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
What to say if not: outstanding, wonderful, perfect!

Ronald Marshall - Brisbane Australia
A wonderful and expressive photo.Keep them coming

Lloyd Gonzales
Nice colors to create the mood!

David Brooks
7/6 I really adore this picture. It's very 'Asian' in expression.

Ariel R. Ameri
O' God it's Great ! Impressive! The Colors are Perfect ... The Hidden Power of East ...

Beng J.
Very very beautiful photo, all seem to be in harmony, the gracefulness, the expression, the skin tone, the color of the dress and the background, the composition. All perfect.

Emmanuel Enyinwa

A.K. Sircar
Excellent portrait,Yuan.Exposure,light and composition are superb.

Mike S
Beautiful Simply beautiful.

Rich 815
It's a cool photo but overdone. For example her skin is too smooth in some places (collar bone and neck area) and blotchy in others (face, nose, forehead). Good concept, needs some work on the execution if you want to be perfect with it (and why not?)

Louis Lohman
The Memorables There are a few photographs that exist here on PN that I visit, from time to time, because they stick in my mind as images that I will never forget - never get tired of looking at and drawing inspiration from. This has become one of them. The composition is perfect. The color evokes a feeling of distance in time and place - a sense of mystery and strangeness of culture and surroundings. Thank you so much for sharing this vision with us. Lou

Tatjana Adizes
Very beautiful! :)

Dale L
Excellent portrait ... can't get much better than that.

M Kelly
I have never commented on this, but in my recent revisit I saw the last comment. I think this is incorrect, the focus is ont he face and hands. The items further away are out of focus i.e a low f stop. This is a great photo.

Beepy .
I thought I'd commented on this before. Graceful. Delicate. Balanced. I like the treatment of the colors - the muted blues, red, gold. And skin color. And overall lighting. The downcast eyes showing the eyelash details coupled to the hand positions (though she is simply playing with her hair) remind me of a statue of the Buddha.

Aleksander Szczesniak
Superb tone, composition and light. 7/7

Jon Gausdal

Nadeem Khawar

Myra M
Great portrait, superb colours..

Trudy Loosman
the colour tone is stunning and i love the lightning! You've did a superb job in this one. oriental feeling all over the place! :D

Janusz Lisiecki
WOW!!! Absolutely wonderful portrait...and beautiful woman
Best Regards

wendi wirawan
awsome awsome

Tatjana Adizes
Beautiful! Bravo!!!

Irina Todorova

Eivind Larsen
Truly beautiful portrait... and model

Salvatore Desiato
Fantastica ! Bellissima , little doubt is the top of the head , but the image is beautiful .

Jorge R
Beautiful. Love the colors and the mood.

Orhan Köse
Excellent portrait

Dick Morgan
I got into photography as an adjunct to my painting. I had an Art Center instructor tell me that "skin can be any color as long as it is the warmest color in the picture" The coldness of the skin color would by my only nit for this otherwise superb picture 7/7

Vaios Parinos
10/10 Flawless, excellent, perfect!!! Vaios_

Fachrul rahman jr.
superb superb tonal,i love this one

Ewan Shears
beautiful capture... would love to know the post production technique? regards Ewan

Ingram van Heerden
Moving piece, really beautifull, well done!

Michal Košťál
...have no other word than outstanding.

Kombizz Kashani
what a beautiful capture. It is very similar to a classical painting.

LIU Yuan
Oriental Mystery Thanks for your critiques.

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