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Published: Thursday 8th of September 2005 04:17:05 PM


John Peri
Alain, that is an attractive photo that you posted. ... as for the mermaid above, I did actually get another shot of her swimming ...

Carlos Miguez Macho
John Peri, you excel yourself day after day. Very nice. The water has an exceptional texture and color; the brightness is very good and this body I interview under the water is a preciousness.

John Peri
however ... just between us now ... who could possibly be interested in a girl that smokes in public ...

Pat Merz
Nice candid shots with beautiful colors. However, I'm asking myself whether it is acceptable to post such candid shots without asking for permission of the subject? What's the status quo in the USA about this?

Alain Lechat
Refreshing A lovely body in the water is always an excitment. (Cfr my "Pool") Thanks for sharing this beauty.

John Peri
However, she did resurface a little later ....

John Peri
... and then lie down to do some serious sunbathing !

John Peri
... and drops her cigarette all the time with such disdain for her surroundings .............. on the other hand ...well, maybe we can ignore such a detail ..!

John Peri
I'm back ... Pat, thank you for your comment. In fact, I took care above to underline the fact that the photos are anonymous. You will surely have noticed that the only two pictures in which the face is visible have been covered by a mask. Otherwise, all my models have signed release forms. As for the status quo, in no country as you know can one publish photos, other than those taken in a public scene, without consent of the subject.

John Peri
.. before she disappeared underwater.

John Peri
... I do hope no-one takes this at all seriously. I just came back from a hard day at work, following a prolonged period abroad, and am relaxing a little with some nonsense before leaving again tomorrow ... and just to end the story ... when I finally decided to go up and introduce myself and ask her if she would pose for me ... she had disappeared. If she sees these photos (I have protected her identity) she will know where to find me !

Jonathan Charles
Great series John - I actually like the second one best. The textures of the highlights on the turbulent water and the smooth skin make a good tactile contrast. As regards the question of anonymity for your subject, the photos do appear to have been taken in a public place so there should be no problem publishing them (in a non-commercial context) even without the "mask". But anyway I'm sure it's better that you did the more gentlemanly thing! Best wishes, Jonathan

Marie H

Kind of smacks of voyeurism in the worst way...regardless of the eye black out.


I cant speak for others however i will say that for myself your photos have surely impacted me and  i feel a  strong need to be disimpacted. I am an attractive woman and when i choose to wear a bikini its because i want to get a tan I detest being objectified and gawked at by usually older men who think that i am put on this Earth just for their pleasure. Its an unpleasant feeling for us woman, and it makes you guys seem real slimmy. its violating and assuming and just sick! This woman is stunning and seems very confident and is enjoying herself . Its one thing to take a photo of a woman deliberately bent over in a compromising position with their consent because that just makes the photographer and the model dumb, however to sneak around at a pool and rob this woman of her dignity and then post the photos for your pleasure and the pleasure of a few of your followers on p.n is wrong on so many levels John. These photos show your true colors. In Canada poolside if you were acting this way you would have been asked to leave the pool and perhaps a few guys would have thrown you and your camera into the pool! This again is just an example of a photographer having fun as you have so oftened  stated but at another human beings expense and has NOTHING whatsoever to do with photography!

John Peri

You are welcome to your opinion and thank you for giving it, though we are here to discuss photography and not to make personal remarks about the author, a practice that is considered as harassment on this site.


Most people on Photo net including myself tend to enter into debate with those that have an identity on the site, meaning that post and their own work and are traceable. For me, sneaking around on a photo site and making remarks alike yours is precisely a form of voyeurism (again) of the worse kind. However, as a scientist with many years of post-graduate training in mathematics, I know that the chances of two different people falling on a photo posted six and a half years ago out of a total of two thousand plus, and making similarly flavoured comments in the space of approximately 24 hours is almost nil, I assume therefore that you and M.H. are the same person .. my "opinion", presuming I am allowed to have one also and to state it too!


As for my "true colours", a large number of  bona fide members of P.N. have had ample opportunity to comment on them over the last ten years. Assuming that you respect other people's views as you want them to respect yours, this should put an end to this discussion. It certainly does as far as I am concerned. We are here to dIscuss photography.


Oh, and M.H. lives in Canada too. I really should take a glance at my old manual on statistics again!

John Peri

So don't search out for a photo like this out of over two thousand posted to gloat over and then make caustic anonymous remarks .. that is precisely what a voyeur is.


A photograpaher on the other hand is judged on the overall impact of his work. 

Marie H

Yes photography.  (My name is Marie, the one and only..weird where you thought I am 2 people, but alas no just one)  Secretly sniping with a long lens but ..but I guess its still photography, granted.

John Peri
stranger .. she swam by ... !

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