Meteor Over Indiana

by Kerr Jim

meteor over indiana seeking critique kerr jim

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Category: Space

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Published: Wednesday 7th of September 2005 05:35:25 PM


Sara Pettersson
Good captured, but not a very good picture. Too dark, to small.

Johnny Santoso
Great Moment Never thought someone can freeze this very rare moment... Congrats.

Jim Kerr
Johnny, Well this is the only one that I've ever got in the past 35 years of not real serious trying, maybe a hundred wasted negatives....Jim

Jim Kerr
Hi Sara, Well I've learned something today: In doing a fairly thin Meteor negative, scanning the original negative is the worst way to do it. It would have been much better to make a regular old fashioned print, then scanned that. Will do that later. Thanks for the visit.....Jim

Jim Kerr
Hi Ben, This is practically the only meteor shot I've ever been able to get that was much good, although I've tried many nights for a number of years. And this was with a 24mm lens. Haven't done a regular wet print of it yet, need to though.....Jim

Jim Kerr
Meteor Over Indiana Time exposure, lens: Pentax 24 f2.8 @ f4......Comments?...

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