Fatigue -- The Universal Denominator of Travel

by Crosley John

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Published: Tuesday 6th of September 2005 09:05:05 AM


John Crosley
Who would have thought Who would have thought that this unassuming photo would have drawn such a relatively large number of views. I'm interested in why. Maybe it's just intriguing on thumbnail, or it's because of its placement in my folder. John

John Crosley
Ben I'm still laughing. Maybe in fact people didn't subliminally want to wake these people up . . . and tiptoed past this page. John

John Crosley
Here I am, 14,000+ views, no comment and only 10 ratings Here I am, a photo with 14,000 views, not so high ratings, but very substantial views and, unusually, no comments. The ratings are not so high to account for the 'views' generally yet not enough to place this in my 'most frequently rated folder', yet photos of mine with 3,000 views are there. Things seem a little topsy-turvy. John, curiously

John Crosley
Still a conundrum This 'little' photo today has nearly 16,000 views, and almost no comments, above, very rare for a successful photo of mine. Moreover, it has fewer than the 11 ratings needed to place it into my 'most viewed' gallery, which is interesting since it is one of my highest-viewed recent photos. I'm still scratching my head. (John . . . tiptoeing silenty so I won't wake these slumbering people). I note that such sleeping may be easier for these people than for others from 'Western' countries. It is not uncommon in the dead of winter, when government-supplied heat proves insufficient to heat apartment blocks and other buildings for whole families to crawl into one big bed and sleep together for warmth under a pile of blankets. So, in an airport, these people, obviously from that 'Eastern' country probably more easily reverted to habits from the dead of winter (or even from childhood when families sometimes or often slept -- and still sleep -- together.) John

John Crosley
Fatigue -- The Universal Denominator of Travel 'Fatigue -- The Universal Denominator of Travel was taken in an airport somewhere in the world -- and it probably could be almost anywhere that Caucasians travel. Your ratings and critiques are invited and most welcome. (If you rate harshly or very negatively, please submit a helpful and constructive comment/Please share your superior knowledge to help improve my photography). Thanks! Enjoy! John

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