Black rocks #4

by Amelkovich Igor

black rocks nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 2nd of September 2005 06:33:41 AM


Igor Amelkovich

Laszlo Horvath

Sandy F
Beautiful Nude Girl and Black Rocks First glance and I like it.... Of course I do...This is technically obviously a high quality image and a lot of care was taken in the composition. But take a beautiful nude girl and contrast her with rocks and there is pretty much always an interesting image. I think that it may be the glamour pose that I don't quite like. Risk does not quites seem to be visually appreciated either by the model or the photographer. She appears a little too invulnerable and by the nature of the composition the capability of the photographer also gives that impression. I would have preferred to see this woman more aware of her surroundings, more vulnerable...and therefore more human.

Ninoslav Sohrab
Very nice shot! A breath of clean air on a site where a "classic" shot is treated with 1/1 and photographers have become so insensitive that they only appreciate shots that shock them (which by the way has nothing to do with the quality). I bet Henri Cartier Bresson or Ansel Adams wouldn't score higher that 4/4 on They lack "originality" and grossly super saturated colors. Who cares about real beauty ? Never the less, a 7/7 from me!

Igor Amelkovich
Black rocks #4 Urals mountains.

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