by Simon Janosch

diana seeking critique simon janosch

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Published: Wednesday 31st of August 2005 09:51:55 PM


Chip Willis
jacket needed pinned. gives illusion of huge breasts. Lke the lighting.

Michael Murphy
I am so impressed. What a terrific example of B&W photography. 7/7

Edward Horn
Excellent! Was the print bleached or toned?

Michael Raddatz
Tough shot!

Sergei Sogokon
It is sexy, and well presented. Well done

Tiina Haasma
so nice model and well done work ! thank you! best regards !

Janosch Simon
no bleaching or toning... regards Janosch

Ken Thalheimer
A beautifully done B&W

Dave Deacon
Statuesque pose with very organic 'bits'. Lara Croft would have been envious! I like the tight creased clothing too and the way it gives texture and accents the shadows.

Brad Kim
Very professional.... Excellent work...!!!

Bogdan Teodorov
Great Nicely done! I love your BW

Janosch Simon
Diana scan from print regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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