Chateau Monbazillac

by Bal Sam

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Published: Sunday 28th of August 2005 02:07:13 PM


Dennis Aubrey
Looks fierce, eh? ... ... but home to some of the wonderous sweet wines of the French southwest. Nice shot, too bad you couldn't get something in the sky. Maybe an ND filter next time?

Sam Bal
Dennis, it's alright. I like comments more than anonymous ratings;-) In two weeks time I'll be off to the Bretagne & probably there's more 'France to come.Cheers, Sam.

Dennis Aubrey
Thanks for the comment, Sam ... ... sorry if I was bugging you with all the comments and questions, but your portfolio folder on France has so many of my favorite, out of the way places (like your magnificent Cevannes shot) that I just had to visit them all.

Sam Bal
Dennis, the photo of the wine bottle bottoms, in my France folder, were shot in this castle's cellar. Also, the hanging of the monk painting is inside its walls. An amazing place with a great vista. Thanks very much for your comments & critique. Cheers, Sam.

Sam Bal
castle architecure Thanks for viewing. Cheers, Sam.

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