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by Peri John

nf nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Friday 26th of August 2005 04:56:08 PM


Michael Sackett
Excellent shot. The white at the bottom really frames the model. Well composed. Good contrast. Very natural portrait.

John Peri
Thank you Mark. I think that two things may influence the attitude of the models. the first is that they are everyday people and not used to posing in front of the camera, the second is that we do this together as a fun thing, and there are none of the usual constraints brought about by a formal setting and equipment. Obviously, I love all my models too, so maybe I communicate a little of that to them also!

John Peri
Daniel, my models don't do such things !

Denis Sutherland
very nice

Daniel Benoit
Beautiful Picture by the way. So french champagne has no alchohol? Beautiful soft lighting and very nice pose. I hope to be as good a photographer with people as you some day John. How do you like the sex scene I captured here? }:o)

Maurizio Melozzi

John Peri
Since when does French Champagne make you drunk? ... :-)

Daniel Benoit
Champagne You forgot to tell them about this technique you use to relax them. A little drunkenness always helps Ahe. }:o)

ric douglas
I like how compact this is, and it still remains sexy - good work.

Mark de Leeuw
What I like in your photo's is the 'ease' all your models have and express in the photo. Beside knowing a lot about framing, B&W conversion and other stuff you must have developed great "social model" skills.

John Peri
Chauvinist, she's Greek :-)

Markos George Hionos
John i believe this one !! it,s one of your best photos-lovely .

John Peri
But all life is a temptation and we must succumb to it with measure and good taste as you so rightly say :-)

Daniel Benoit
Giggles To your comment on your models obstaining from butterfly behaivior. That goes without saying John. Your photos are in great taste. " At least most ". *wink*

Raisa Raisa
just EXCELLENT! Regards...

John Peri
The Balcony wIndow .. just a summer evening pose ..

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