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by Peri John

nf nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Tuesday 23rd of August 2005 04:07:35 PM


John Peri
Thank you Mark. The lighting on the balcony is mostly daylight, but I do bounce a little fill in flash occasionally that is attached to the camera.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )

I'll come back for more... to learn from you.

Thank you.

Peter Meade
Hello John, I like the very relaxed and slightly shy look you have achieved here. Best wishes. Pete

Bob Kurt
I like it! BK

John Peri
Thank you Jay. I try to take natural photos of natural people that we can identify with.

Mark Anthony Kathurima
John, I must agree, this photo really kicks gluteus maximus ;) Pardon my Latin :)

Best regards from Kenya, Mark

Michael Smith
great model, setting & blue dress is perfect. Not sure if a different colour to white for wall would help or hinder

Massimo Santoni
6/6 Beautiful colors, light, pose and model! Can you post a larger image?

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Muy bonita John,, perfecto color y encuadre,, un cordial saludo.

Jay Hagan
Your Work... Good Morning John, I have seen your work pop up here on accasion and I must say... you do excellent work. Your pictures are always sharp, well saturated and the composition is excellent. Your models are always the best. One of your previous models... G1 really is beautiful. Wish we could see more pictures of her. Captain America

John Peri
Thank you Massimo. I do understand that it is irritating sometimes, but I have promised all the models only to post small files, to discourage their images being reproduced.

Thomas Collins
Thanks for putting a smile on my face John. Yet another super image of a natural beauty. Love how the dress has been drawn up the leg and down the shoulder for a very inticing and seductive mood. The model is beautiful and she looks quite comfortable posing with you. Two thumbs up!

Al Li
Beautiful model.. I love the framing of the window and the blue dress on this beautiful woman. Just a bit more light in the background would be nice. Beautiful image.

Robert Flanery
Beautiful This is one of your best images so far. I am really taken by the feel and the mood captured in this beautiful woman. Well done!

Francisco Díaz
Wonderful Wonderful pic of a delicious model. I love that blue on the skin! I admire your photos. Thanks

John Peri
A more subtle approach ... Some may remark on the large frame, but it is intentional. My feeling is that the mood expressed by the model fits well into the surroundings, though others of course may not agree.

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