Black rocks #1

by Amelkovich Igor

black rocks nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 23rd of August 2005 09:44:01 AM


Henny B
This is done with a lot of style, I really like it.

Francisco Pinto
You, of course know you are a great photographer, and this is another great work from you!

Haleh Bryan
I agree. I have seen all the rock series you have done but this one has a majestic touch to it.

andrew mark doolan
mr magic Hi this is another great photo igor what can i say magic (love all your photos )

Constantine Loyld
Mojno mnogumu nautchitsia smot'ria vashe raboti! Lut'shie kak vsegda! Ain't got no comments or critiques, just complements! ;)

Aguiar Thierry
You are one of the best, or maybe you are simply the best. Always wonderful b&w! Congrats!

77 Great, unmisteakable and unique as always. I don?t know how you manage to achieve this superb quality on all your photographs. I admire you very much for that Igor.

Marc de CB
Superb! 7/6 This is a great photo with a lot of drama in the story. It gives the feeling of a fallen angel. Why did you not crop the top of the mountian so that it is not visible and add drama because of the undetermined height?

Brad Kim
This is my favorite among your last three posts onto PN.

Stephen Schwartz
Great contrast between the harsh dark rocks and beautiful softly lit model. A difficult tonal range wonderfully executed! 7/7

Massimo Santoni
7/6 Very good!

Katya Lin
í° ....:)

Marc G.
Truly beautiful, congrats.

Ian Carnelli
Great light, beautiful composition. Very very nice

Igor Amelkovich
Black rocks #1 Urals mountains.

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