King Toad

by Plonsky Mark

king toad seeking critique plonsky mark

Gallery: Reptiles & Amphibians

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Category: Nature

Published: Friday 21st of September 2001 04:19:47 PM


marc holloway
Aesthetics 10, Originality 10 I can see photo of the week or month coming up soon,

Lorraine Foster
Nice toad. How did you get him to stay still? Everytime I try something like that, I get their back legs as they are jumping away. Good job on the photo. Lorraine Foster

G .
Very good capture. Excellent detail & clarity on the eyes and skin. Great work with the background too. Well done.

Stacey Waselovich
I definitely like it - I really don't know why. The focus is nice and the angle is good and everything looks really sharp. As far as it being your best shot - I think your damsel flies mating (or whatever they were) and your daughter with the sparkly eyes are better than this. I think it's your 3rd best!

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
10/10 Best frog picture I've seen!

Helge Jensen
Aesthetics 10, Originality 10 The ultimate toad photo – and what a personality,he sits there like another jack-in-office.

David Lake Clayton
Special? 10 for originality because, well, I don't really believe that the originality rating matters much so everybody gets a 10. Seven for aesthetics because it's a well shot image, but really not that special, at least to me. Certainly above average, but nines and 10's? Cheers.

Justin Winokur
I like it. The complexity is amazing. 8/8

Jyri R.
Mike Tyson? THE BOSS anyway. Amazing.

Fred Vnoucek
Best Piece? Frankly, I couldn't say ... because every single of your Images is a special one. But this one is a perfect shot of a beautiful model .. ;o)) By the way, on my screen it appears a bit oversharpened?

Javed Rassi
Excellent detail, a fine macro.

Gianluca Cardone
I like the color matching with background a lot

Mark Plonsky
King Toad I have posted about 60 images here so far. Personally, I think this toad is my best piece. What do you think?

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